Marc Coons answers the question ‘Should I refinance my home to buy another?’

refinance my home Paso Robles

The answer to “Can I refinance my home in Paso Robles to buy another home?” is almost always “Yes.” A better question is, “What are my options for keeping my first home and buying a second?”

Some of the top things to think about are:

  • How much equity is in your first home?
  • Do you want to make two house payments?
  • Is one of the homes earmarked as income property?

The reasons people think about refinancing to buy a second home include:

  • Buying a vacation home with the intent to retire to that home
  • Refinancing to buy a second home while the first home is for sale
  • Helping the adult kids buy a home
  • Buying investment property for additional retirement income
  • A great deal comes along that you just can’t pass up

Regardless of the reason, there may be home loan options that will be of more benefit than dipping into the equity to refinance your home. The Paso Robles mortgage lender, Marc Coons, is the person to see to discover those options.

Finding the right lender to help you acquire that second home is time consuming. Along with turning in an application for each potential lender, you need to negotiate the terms then wait to hear if you are approved or not. If there are last minute requests you didn’t expect, you need to drop whatever you are doing to answer the questions or provide the requested documentation.

Marc and his team of professional loan consultants have access to hundreds of lenders who are interested in making home loans for a variety of circumstances. Backed by the resources of Certainty Home Lending, Marc and his team work to help your buy that second home by:

  • Connecting you with a lender who can best meet your needs
  • Getting the amount and interest rate you want
  • Help with any concerns about credit issues
  • Using an easy single application process
  • Streamlining the entire refinancing process

Recognizing your specific needs and applying experience with Certainty Home Lending’s superior processing, underwriting and closing functions make the process smooth and stress-free from the application to picking up the keys. One of the highest rated home loan consultants, Marc has a solid reputation for matching buyers to lending solutions.

Whether refinancing your Paso Robles home, or anywhere else, Marc is a long-time local resident who has been serving the home mortgage needs of the Central Coast since 2004. Marc Coons is a leading home loan and refinance consultant and lender, serving all of San Luis Obispo County, Santa Maria, Crossville and Nashville.

“The combination of our user-friendly technology and the professional guidance of our Loan Consultants create a smooth route to homeownership. From application to closing, our innovative technology can shorten the home financing process to weeks instead of months – sometimes closing in as little as 10 business days!” says Marc.

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